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Customized Solutions

Sometimes customers and/or researchers have their own ideas and special requests to optimize their testing procedures. With excellent CNC machining technology at hand, we offer customized solutions for special requirements.

The Heubach Dustmeter AE has a modified sampling train which allows to distinguish the particle size of airborne dust particles. With two different sampling heads, the two most important fractions of aerosols can be determined: The A & E fractions (=respirable & inhalable).

This modified sampling train was introduced and developed by one of the most important research centers for aerosols: The University of Wuppertal, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Schmidt.

In the picture below you see an example of a shortened drum for a customer from the chemical industry.

The advantage of this Dustmeter variation is that only very small quantities of test material is needed. This is important for materials that are either especially rare, expensive, or hazardous, and therefore only available in limited quantities.

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