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Type I (DIN 55992)

The Heubach Dustmeter is a monitoring/feedback device designed to help control the dust properties of bulks, powders, granules and fibers, with the unique ability to simulate an array of mechanical handling scenarios.

The Type I is our best selling model, and maybe also the most versatile. It functions by the method of the rotating drum and performs according to the German industry standardisation for dust measurement, the DIN 55992. It can also be used with customised measuring criteria, like the ESA (European Seed Association) does for the so called "Heubach value".

A sample is placed into the stainless steel drum, which then rotates at variable speeds, from 0-60 rpm. A controlled and constant airflow (0-40l) carries airborne dust particles out of the drum, through the corse particle separator where corse particles are segregated, and the remaining airborne particles are collected by a micro glass fibre filter at the end. The filter housing (<80g) can be weighed as a whole on any standard laboratory balance before and after the measurement. The gravimetrical difference is then put into relation to the sample size, and thereby describes the dustiness potential of the material.

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