Heubach is an international family run business specialized in pigments and pigment preperations based in Langelsheim, Germany. The original Dustmeter was developed in-house as early as 1985 to help create and formulate less dusting pigments. In the past, some pigments contained hazardous substances, such as lead. For us it was of importance to reduce the exposure to these materials to the absolute minimum possible to protect our employies and costumers, so we found ways to eliminate the dustiness of these powders by developing the Dustmeter as a feedback device.

Since then the Dustmeter has come a long way and spread its wings far beyond the pigment industry,  and also it's original functionality. Serving most of the large corporate chemical, pharmaceutical, food and building groups as a development and quality control device, we take pride in hand crafting these machines in Germany to the highest quality standards. The Dustmeter has had a significant impact on the ongoing success of the Heubach Pigment Group, and has continued to do the same for many companies and industries.

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